Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the week of princess

Addison says, "there's two Belle's". Addie went with mommy and her grandparents to Sandy's Beauty and the Beast on August 23, 2007. We had premium seating, thanks to Shauna. During the second half of the production, Addison was part of the show, so she believed. She was singing, dancing and twirling in the aisle. After the show, Addison got to meet all the characters. She was surprised to see the beast as the handsome prince!

At Mele's birthday party, August 27th, Addison got to meet the real Cinderella! Isn't she beautiful. Addie said, "Cinderella, I love you". Mele's party was fun with all her friends dressed in their best princess and super hero costumes. Diesel and Addison were out in the corvette all around the back yard.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Diesel Loves Me...
Yes he does!

ADDISON turns 3

Addison turned 3 years old on August 4. Mommy had a swimming party for our friends on August 9. Swimming, hot dogs, pony rides and princess pinata. Addison loves pink and princesses. So, of course she had to have a pink castle cake and pink ice cream.

Addison is getting ready for her official "big girl" year. She sings her alphabet and many nursery school songs by herself! Addie is doing great with her potty training. She is truly a work in progress. Her personality gets stronger and stronger everyday. Addison is a caring big sister to Rhyia and is always looking for ways she gets to share with Cassity, her cousin.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Addison loves playing in the snow! We were sledding the first weekend of March in Bluffdale and Oakley, Utah. There was a lot of new snow that day. Addison doesn't seem to be bothered by the cold. She played outside for 4 hours! Two weeks later on this beautiful Spring day, she doesn't seem to miss the snow or the cold! Addison is keeping busy, at 2 1/2 years old, she's almost commited 100% to her potty training efforts...(it's been a long month). Addison's favorite things to do are: Kindermusik class with mommy and Diesel, anything with Beauty and the Beast, reading stories with grandma, going to church, going on walks with grandpa, riding in the choo-choo train, riding in the boat, flying kites, riding bikes, and playing at the park.
Addie's favorite color is green, favorite movie is Beauty and the Beast, and favorite animal is the horse, of cou
rse. Addie's looking forward to Easter eggs, bunnies, and spring dresses.